How to select air cooler?

Having a good air cooler makes the summer easy. Many people get confused about what type of air cooler to select? In this guide we explain all the nitty-gritty details about selecting the best air cooler. As people's purchase power has increased people nowadays are shifting towards Air conditioners.

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Air coolers advantages

The first reason anyone can think of is the air cooler cost. Air coolers are very cost effective. A very good air cooler comes under Rs. 7,000, whereas air conditioner price starts from Rs. 30, 000.

For the very big halls, buying a Air conditioner is super expensive. You need to take at least 2 ton AC which costs around Rs. 60,000. Whereas for such use cases a good Desert cooler works very well.

Less operating cost. Running air cooler is not a burden on your wallet. It saves electricity bill.

Air cooler provides fresh air blended with cool water. It is more close to the nature.

Air coolers are more eco-friendly. Unlike air conditioners they won't make the compressor surrounding environment hot.

Air coolers are very much portable. You can move air cooler from one room to another room very easily on the wheels.

Air cooler types

Personal air cooler. It is also known as room air cooler.

Desert air cooler

There are only two types of air coolers available in the market.

Both the types of air coolers are good and suitable for particular room and environment. We are listing the main differences between the coolers below. Check out this air cooler types for a complete discussion.

Personal cooler vs Desert cooler

Finding the difference between the two makes your decision much easier. Room cooler vs desert cooler is the most common debate. Here is a small table explaining the differences between two types of air coolers.

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