Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler

Non CO2 discharge is the best feature of the unit being of Conventional Cooling system and still have high demand in those countries of Hot & Dry climate.

Evaporative Commercial Air Cooler effectively cool the air by simply combining a natural process - Water Evaporation. Fresh outside air is filtered through the saturated evaporative media to cool down and blown out by a blower wheel.

Water coming from bottom pan of the unit is pumped up to top of unit then flow down freely over Evaporation Cooling Pads. Powerful blower pulls the air through the pads forcing the water to evaporate to cool down the ambient temperature. The cooled down air is blown to desired direction with high velocity.

Product range is much wider to cover Commercial use in Workshop, Factory, Warehouse, Sporting Event site, Greenhouse, Shopping areas and so on, as well as Residential use and further down to Portable type for handy and temporary use. Higher performance and lower operation cost is the strongest selling point of the unit.

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